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Jack Hatfield's Banjo/Bluegrass Links

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Alabama Bluegrass Association

AUSGRASS - Australian Bluegrass association

Australain Bluegrass Society
Arthur Hatfield, Hatfield Banjos
Banjo Buddies - beginer banjo discussion group
Banjo Hangout discussion group - almsot 100,000 members

BanjoSites.Biz - Hand checked Banjo website directory

Banjo-L banjo discussion group

Banjo Newsletter Magazine

Banjo Newsletter/SPBGMA workshop 2001 with Doug Dillard

Banjo Newsletter/SPBGMA workshop 2002 with Eddie Adcock

Banjo Newsletter/SPBGMA workshop 2003 with Doug Dillard

Banjo Newsletter/SPBGMA workshop 2004 with Butch Robins
Banjo Newsletter/SPBGMA workshop 2005 with Sonny Osborne
Banjo Newsletter/SPBGMA workshop 2006 with J.D. Crowe
Banjo Newsletter/SPBGMA workshop 2007 with Pete Wernick
Banjo Newsletter/SPBGMA workshop 2008 with J.D. Crowe
Banjo Newsletter/SPBGMA workshop 2009 with Richard Bailey
Banjo Newsletter/SPBGMA workshop 2010 with Ron Block
Banjo Newsletter/SPBGMA workshop 2011 with Greg Cahill
SPBGMA workshop 2012 with Alan Munde
Bluegrass Blog

Banjo Players Product Survey by Banjo Newsletter

Bluegrass Classic Online Bluegrass Magazine

BLUEGRASS-L:Bluegrass Music Discussion group

Bluegrass in Scotland

BLUEGRASS: Music, Files, Gophers, and Archives

Bluegrass Music Program at South Plains College in Levelland, TX

Bluegrass Today - blog

Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

Butch Robins' Cyberjournal

Cumberland Acoustic - Custom bridges, hide glue rims, etc.


Deering Banjos

Eucalypt Banjos -Austrailia

Folk and Bluegrass

Gibson banjo information and serial numbers

Gold Tone Banjos

Guide to the Instruments in Bluegrass
Guitar Player
Harmonica Academy - Tony Eyers, Austrailian Master harp player
Home for Asian Banjos - valuable info and history on imported banjos

House of Plank - British Bluegrass

Huber Banjos
International Bluegrass Music Museum, Owensboro, KY

International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA)

Jack Hatfield workshops, all

Maryland Banjo Academy

Memphis Area Bluegrass Association

Mugwumps magazine - acoustic instruments and recources

Nechville Banjos

Prewar Gibson Banjos

Richie Dotson's Banjo Page - Building Bluegrass Banjos

Southeastern Bluegrass Association

Smoky Mountain Banjo Academy

Society For the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA)

Stars & Catz Music Teacher's Network USA - connects teachers with prospective students
Stars & Catz Music Teacher's Network - Canada
Stars & Catz Music Teacher's Network - UK
Stars & Catz Music Teacher's Network - Australia
Tabledit - tablature typsetting software
Tennessee Banjo Institute

Tenor Banjo fingerpicking site by Mirek Patek

Tony Pass, Lost Timber Banjo Rims


Banjo Head Selection and Tightening

How to pack a banjo for shipping

How to change a banjo head

How to adjust action (string height)

How to change banjo strings

FRETS.COM - setup/maintenence advice for all stringed instruments

Bill Palmer's Banjo Setup Tips


BANJOS, Instructional materials and accessories

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