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STX-1100 Electronic Chromatic Autotuner by Sabine. The industry standard for an economical chromatic tuner.Calibration, AC adapter jack, 1/4" input and output jacks, for in-line operation, clips to attach to music stand. Automatic- no selecting of notes. Sleep mode, saves batteries. Wide range- tunes everything from bass to mandolin. List: $69.95 HM- $45.00 plus $3.00 P&H. SPECIAL! two for $70.00! Call 800-426-8744 or email to order special.

Sampson Bridges reduced $5.00! Now only $30.00! Also, Desert Rose "Z" bridge, Stelling and Sosabee, all in submerged wood! Go to:

front view, with LRC

back view, slightly larger
Alesis ADAT eight track digital recorder

Includes LRC (Little Remote Control). This is the same unit used by almost all digital recording studios until computer recording evolved. Features 1/4" in/out on all eight channels, digital/optical master in/out, series port to connect to other ADATS for as many as 132 syncronized tracks. (Note: Multiple ADATS daisy-chained together require BRC (big remote control) not included). The ADAT uses SVHS video tapes...the best grade. These sell for about $8.00 - $10.00. Each tape will hold eight tracks of music, about 42 minutes if you are using all eight tracks. If you are only recording two tracks, that means you would have 4x42 min, or 164 minutes of recording time. Four tracks used would give you 84 minutes of recording time on each tape. One track would give you 336 minutes. You can erase the tapes and use them again after mixing down the original to a two-track digital tape, CD burner or computer program.

Price new over $3500. HM price - $300.

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