Tunes™ Books with Rhythm Trax Bundle


COMPLETE DIGITAL FIVE-BOOK SET OF TUNES™ BOOKS with dozens of slow-fast Rhythm Trax play-along recordings by Jack Hatfield.


THIS IS A DIGITAL PDF/MP3 DOWNLOAD SET. (Find the physical book/CD set here.) This deal is too big for a direct download – you will receive an email from within two days with your files.

COMPLETE FIVE-BOOK SET OF REVISED TUNES™ BOOKS with slow-fast Rhythm Trax play-along recording by Jack Hatfield

  • Banjo Tunes Volume 1
  • Banjo Tunes Volume 2
  • Banjo Tunes Volume 3
  • Fiddle Tunes for Banjo Volume 1
  • Fiddle Tunes for Banjo Volume 2