Bluegrass Banjo Method Bundle


Get all three digital books in the Jack Hatfield Bluegrass Banjo Method series and more than 100 audio tracks in one bundle!


THIS IS A DIGITAL PDF/MP3 DOWNLOAD SET. (Find the physical book/CD set here.) This deal is too big for a direct download – you will receive an email from within two days with your files.

Get all three books in the Jack Hatfield Bluegrass Banjo Method series in one bundle – and save!

EXTREMELY GRADUATED APPROACH – Only one new idea introduced per lesson. Each lesson builds on the information presented in previous lessons.

BOLDFACE MELODY NOTES – Visual aid to which notes to emphasize, making the melody obvious.

CONCEPTUAL APPROACH – Teaches structure of banjo style so the student can begin to arrange their own tunes and learn by ear at an earlier stage.

DEMONSTRATION RECORDING – Songs and exercises played slow, then at performing speed.

Banjo and rhythm instruments on separate channels, so you can eliminate the banjo and play along with the band when ready.

Improves timing, improvisation skills, and prepares the student to play with others sooner.


“Bluegrass Banjo Method . . . is the best graduated approach to banjo currently on the market. Hatfield takes pains to explain everything in close detail . . . “Do I recommend this text? Yes, it is clear, exact and accurate.” “Bluegrass Banjo Method, Book Two takes up where Book One leaves off, and does it very well… Hatfield’s instruction is first-rate…this is the book for the intermediate…At this <sic> cost, the manual and tape are a steal.”- Wayne Shrubsall, Banjo Newsletter Magazine

“Students who follow along through Hatfield’s step-by-step progression will end up with a mastery of basic roll patterns and other essentials of bluegrass banjo vocabulary. They will also come away with a solid foothold in the bluegrass repertoire.” – Jim Halto, Frets Magazine

“This book is designed to teach the beginner the basics of Scruggs style banjo. It is more capable of doing that than any other manual I can think of, possibly including Earl Scruggs and the Five-String Banjo. ” – Fred Geiger, Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

“Bluegrass Banjo Method . . . is recommended as the best available method for those students who are in the market for a step-by-step approach.” – Bill Evans, Bluegrass Now! Magazine